CLIENT-Centered Solutions for your Living SPACE

Do you need a functional and attractive cabinet solution?  Do you have a space that needs improved organization and maximized storage?  You may have a rough idea of what you want or not know where to begin.

My primary focus is to identify your needs, understand your vision, and ensure your project is a success.  As an experienced builder and designer based in Victoria, I will propose what is possible and collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life.  The time and money you invest will result in a custom cabinet design perfectly suited to your lifestyle and living space.

Free Consult

First, I speak with you briefly to determine if my services are suited to your needs. Then I follow up with an on-site consult to discuss your vision, take a look at your space, and provide a written quote for design services.


As we collaborate, I will use my experience as a builder, industry knowledge and specialized software to create 3D models that will allow you to clearly visualize how your space will be transformed.

Professional Plans & Builder Selection

I create plans for your final design. The plans provide the detail required to assist builders in submitting accurate estimates and understanding the scope of your project. I will help you understand the details of your quotes so that you can make an informed decision and select a builder that is the right fit for you.

Build & Install

I communicate and work with the builder on your behalf to ensure your design is accurately implemented.


Design for People, not Houses

With Melanie’s help we transformed a large empty “media room” into an inviting, functional and attractive office and TV room. Although we had a vision for this space, we knew that to make it special we needed professional help. Melanie’s listening skills and her respect for her client’s input absolutely guaranteed that the result would be exactly what we wanted. She provided detailed plans with explanatory descriptions for a number of different options. Her in-home consultations at the planning stage, then to discuss the options, and finally to clarify the final choice, were extremely helpful as she answered our questions and made suggestions to perfect the design. Her experience and good design sense brought a level of sophistication and beauty to what otherwise may have been a somewhat utilitarian office space.

Melanie is a delight to work with. She is open, honest, collaborative and professional. She provides exceptional value for her services. You will not be disappointed!

Charlie and Nancy

We want to thank you Melanie for the time and effort you put into helping us design our new kitchen! We waited 30+ years to do this and we wanted to get it right! What you brought to the table was so collaborative and we really felt heard! The storage solutions were fabulous, we love having the pantry in the kitchen, and we definitely got lots of drawers! It turned into quite the extensive reno but you were with us from start to finish (design and sending design to potential cabinet companies). We are very grateful for everything!

Bob and Rita

For our bathroom renovation, we were looking for cabinets that would fit our unique space, budget and the art-deco features of our house. Melanie worked with us to design amazing cabinets that are funky AND functional. From beginning to end, we felt involved in the process. She took the time to listen, ask questions, and educate us along the way. Working with Melanie has been an absolute pleasure—she is calm, efficient, and a top-notch carpenter. Her craftsmanship has turned our bathroom cabinets into a work of art!

Jo-Anne and Doug

After meeting with a couple of design companies for our kitchen reno we decided to work with Melanie and are very glad we did. Melanie never made us feel that the job was too small and understood that it was a big deal to us. She drew up our initial designs very quickly and once we were able to visualize it, was very patient and receptive in making changes. Our newly renovated kitchen is a dream come true.

Colin and Meredith

Melanie inspired us with her direct and honest approach as to what our kitchen would look like and gave us several ideas and options. We relied on her advice as to possible changes that would improve the design and were thrilled with the new look. We would recommend her to anyone, including family, friends and neighbours.  Thanks Melanie.

John and Jeanette